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Transportation from Istanbul to Çanakkale

You jumped in the car with your friends or family, you fell on the roads. If you want to go to Çanakkale from the Anatolian Side of Istanbul, you must first follow the road to Izmit and then to Bursa. After Bursa, you will reach Karacabey and Bandırma respectively. To reach the center of Çanakkale, it is enough to follow Biga and Lapseki. Your total journey will take approximately 7 hours.

If you are going to Çanakkale from the European Side of Istanbul, then you have shortened the travel time by two hours. After following the Tekirdağ direction, you will arrive at Gallipoli and Eceabat and take the rest with a short and pleasant ferry ride.

Transportation from Izmir to Canakkale

If you are going to Çanakkale by road from İzmir, you only have a 5-hour drive. After following the direction of Aliağa and Dikili from Menemen, you will arrive in Ayvalık. From here, continue towards Edremit. After following the direction of Akçay, Altınoluk, Ayvacık, Ezine, you will find yourself in the center of Çanakkale. At the same time, you can choose the planes departing from Izmir to Çanakkale.

Transportation from Ankara to Çanakkale

Although there are flights between Ankara and Çanakkale, you can also choose to go by bus or your private car. After following the Eskişehir and Bursa highways, it is enough to come to Bandırma and follow the Lapseki road. The total journey will take about 9 hours.

Flight Schedules to Canakkale