Special Services

HAPPY HOURS: Except for Sunday and Mondays, between 16:00 and 18:00, you can enjoy tea time parties with your families and friends or you can even celebrate your special anniversaries here.

KOLIN’S TAVERN: Special for you and your dear friends…Clarinet, tabor, zitherist, tambourines are on the house…You only pick the songs… During the breaks, we will surprise you with the extensive selections from our special music archive.

With the magnificent scenery of the Çanakkale Strait and its excellent quality, this special place is welcoming all its guests.

FISHERMAN’S ‘KISMET’: This is a wonderful alternative for the people who love Çanakkale seafood. This special place offers you an extensive selection of seafood at a beautiful location.

FUN at HAMAM: Let’s meet at the Bride’s or Ottoman Hamam with live music, rich open buffet...This place is only for you and your friends...Come and join the fun in the warm waters of this special Turkish Bath.

CAKE DELIVERY SERVICE: KOLIN HOTEL offers its taste expertise to its valued customers. Delicious cakes appealing all kinds of tastes are delivered at your door, and you can even pay with your credit card.