People fought in wars through the history. Some of them did it for love and some for their country. Since 3000 BC, on these lands, there have been fights for rulership, dignity, love, honour and most importantly for country. And, ÇANAKKALE with its 5000 years of history, being culture and history city, located on the beautiful seashore, is proud to be a witness of this history on these lands, and the city is an important tourism centre.

Çanakkale, being the witness of many wars during the archaic era and Turkish Republic period, promotes the ‘PEACE’ theme, and our great hero, establisher of the Turkish Republic, Mustafa Kemal ATATÜRK, quotes for the mothers who sent their beloved sons to fight in this region: “Cease your tears. Your sons are in our hearts. They are in tranquillity” and “Peace in the country, peace in the world. “

GALIPOLI PENINSULA: Çanakkale Martyrs' Memorial, 57th Infantry Regiment Memorial, Corporal Seyit’s Statue, ANZAC bay, Kilitbahirtas Plateau, Seddulbahir, Maeste Bay, Tekke Village, Ertugrul Bay, Ikizler Bay, Hisarlik mount, Zığındere, Kereviz valley, Arıburnu, on Anafartalar War Field Kapa Tepe, Bloody Ridge, Conkbayırı, Suvla plateau, Kakma Mountain and also Turkish Soldier Memorials, Foreign Soldier Memoriels, war ruins (guns-bastions,shields, sunkens) and on the hills of Galipoli, it says: “STOP PASSENGER! YOU WALK ON WITHOUT ANY IDEA. THIS LAND IS THE PLACE, WHERE AN AGE WENT DOWN!”

On the Galipoli region, it’s forbidden to make any building, whereas still they find bones of the soldiers who died in the wars.


A big love that had ended a civilization…Lots of people who lost their lives for dignity and a city that was destroyed because of love… Big Love between the Trojan Prince Paris and Spartan Queen Helen… We wish that your love would not be full of tears like Helen and Paris. Troy is waiting for you…

Besides Gallipoli peninsula and Ancient city of Troy, blue flag beaches, nearby islands, developed winery, house wines, extensive selection of seafood and hand made carpets make Çanakkale a hot spot for the vacationers.

The City of Çanakkale has expanded since 1462 from the ÇIMENLIK CASTLE which is considered the core of the city.

Also, KİLİTBAHİR CASTLE had been built by the Ottoman Sultan, Fatih Sultan Mehmet in 1462 considered a masterpiece among the Ottoman castles.

Ancient name of GELİBOLU was GALLIPOLI. The northernmost pier of the Strait is here.

As the pioneer for canned fish industry, Gallipoli region is still continuing being one of the leaders of this business.

Gallipoli is really a very interesting spot where you can also find the grave of Piri Reis ( Ottoman-Turkish admiral, privateer, geographer and cartographer).

Gallipoli Mevlevi Lodge, built in 1656, is the only Mevlevi lodge that has a niche. This is also a very interesting spot to visit.

You can take the ferry from the Geyikli Pier to get to BOZCAADA; called TENEDOS in ancient times. This mystical island is about 45 km away from Çanakkale and famous for wine making and night life. Turks had come to Bozcaada on 1455-56. They took over the island from Venetians. Wines, Roman Stone Houses, huge pine trees are among just a few things you will notice on the island.

BOZCAADA FORTRESS: The history of this castle dates back to Finike times and it stayed strong until today. As you approach the island, fortress welcomes you with its greatness. There are prisons and an amphitheatre in this castle.

AYVACIK; this is a meeting point of the most beautiful tones of green and blue as the city’s surrounded by the Mount Ida and faces the beautiful Aegean Sea. As the main characteristic of the town is its hand made carpets, and you can purchase a precious wool carpets with patterns special to this city. Hand made carpet making is one of the most long established tradition since the Troy era.

MOUNT IDA (KAZ MOUNTAINS): First beauty contest was held in the Mount Ida. With its great trees and fresh air, Mount Ida is a natural beauty.

You can also find the TROJAN HORSE which was used in the movie TROY (starred Brad Pitt) and the film makers gave it to the city as a gift.